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Dark Kitchen finally sees the light

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Demolition averted with an affordable Spray Finish

When Natalie first moved into her home, she knew that it would require some renovation. At the very top of her list was an update to her dark brown kitchen. But the expense of new cabinetry and tiling always seemed to keep her dream of a new kitchen just out of reach. Not to mention the thought of ripping out the existing kitchen, which in many ways she still liked very much.

Every estimate she received over the years recommended removing the cabinets, tearing out old tiles and replacing her kitchen island. A major project with the potential to grow in cost.

16 years later, (after cooking a million meals in front of checkered brown terracotta tiles) she turned to S & K Spray for a free estimate. Instead of replacing the kitchen (which they are capable of doing), they recommended a more affordable approach:

Spray it new again

Interior Spray Finishing

Kitchen makeovers can be very expensive - but they don't have to be. Sometimes, what a kitchen space really needs is a new hit of colour. With S & K Spray, you can transform your space at a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is decide on a colour.

"The first thing that we identified is that Natalie's kitchen had "good bones" as they say. A perfect candidate for spray finishing."

Kevin Cox

Owner / Chief Spray Technician

Preparation is the most important part

S & K Spray always put a great deal of care and consideration into protecting areas from unwanted spray finishing. Some contractors rush this stage. This is where we invest the most attention. That ensures a final result with crisp cuts of even colour.

Colour Choices

S & K Spray are capable of working with all kinds of paint products. But the brand that they always recommend is Sherwin Williams.

Picking a colour (or colours) is a personal choice. Our friends at Sherwin Williams are happy to help steer you in the right direction. We referred Natalie to Brian at the Willowdale location in North York. There Natalie made her choices based on 4 surfaces: cabinets, tiles, ceiling and walls.

Painting a room is exciting. Our recommendation is to give into that feeling and select colours that speak to you on an emotional level. Even if those colours are all some form of white.

Welcome your kitchen back

The best thing about Spray Finishing a kitchen (instead of ripping it all out) is that it's still your kitchen. Everything is exactly where you left it.

The finishing touches

The counter tops remained in classic black with silver flecks, contrasted by the new white spray finished cabinetry. Also known as a Tuxedo Kitchen. A classic style popularized across Europe and North America.

In the end, Natalie was able to refresh her kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Was it worth it? Her endorsement says it all.

"S & K Spray were punctual and detail oriented. I was very satisfied with the results and appreciative of their thoughtful approach. They put a great deal of attention into protecting my home and left it clean. I'm very happy and I would recommend their free estimate offer. Good value - Great Results."

Do you have a kitchen that could use a little updating? Why not consider Spray Finishing with S & K Spray. You can see from the results above that it can transform a kitchen dramatically.

Contact S & K Spray to arrange for a Free Estimate

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