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Refurbishing a Desk with Spray Finishing

An old desk embodies family history. Imagine all the letters, homework, accounting and artistic doodles made on it over time. How can you just throw that away? Our recommendation is to take advance of our free estimate offer. Allow us to show you the many benefits of spray finishing good furniture.

Check out this transformation video on Instagram. Then look around. Is there a piece of furniture in your life that could use a little refresh? Extend its life with a new colour and a new feel. All at a fraction of the cost of buying something new to replace it:

Spray Finishing with S & K Spray can turn an “old desk” into a "restored vintage heirloom".

Desks are great. Whether you are punching keys on a calculator to balance the family budget, writing a note or sitting in front of a laptop, we all need a place to "work". Over time, a well-used desk can start to show it age. That certainly gives it character, but it can also make a room feel dated.

Spray Finishing is the most affordable way to revitalize a piece of good wooden furniture. Supported by over 20 years of woodworking experience, S & K Spray have the skills and technology to maintain the craftsmanship of the piece while modernizing the look of it.

See more examples of our spray finished furniture here.


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