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Spray Finishing Exterior Furniture

How can S & K Spray turn back the clocks on your outdoor furniture?

Have a seat, we'll tell you all about it.

A solid piece of furniture may look old, but it still allows you to share a conversation with someone else on it - it's probably worth saving. That's how the owners of this beautiful bench felt.

The first and most important stage of refinishing furniture (especially exterior pieces), is removing the current finish. If you miss a spot, you allow the elements to undo your efforts. The S & K Spray Team have mastered the techniques required to provide a fresh surface for which to apply the new finish.

Whether it's wood, metal or stone, you can achieve a fresh look with the right paint and the right application. We always recommend Sherwin Williams for a strong, even colour.

Unfortunately, when it comes to outdoor furniture and the elements associated with living here in Canada, we cannot guarantee "Forever" - but we can give Mother Nature a run for her money. We also recommend covering and / storing exterior furniture whenever possible. It helps to extend your spray finishes even further.

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