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S & K Spray Interior and Exterior Painters

Using the latest Interior and Exterior Painting technology, our team of professionals have the equipment and experience to make what was once old, new again. Large or small, our residential house painters will transform your surfaces and increase the value of your home – instantly.

We specialize in kitchen cabinet painting and cabinet resurfacing for bathrooms. As well as furniture restoration. Our spray finishing technology provides an even, rich colour. Breathing new life into what you already have.

S and K Owner - Kevin Cox

As the Owner and Chief Spray Technician at S & K Spray, I invite you to see how our affordable home painting services can change your home. Rejuvenate your surroundings and avoid an expensive renovation.

For 20+ years, my company has built a reputation of repairing and transforming houses all across Southern Ontario. Before you decide to replace, remove or renovate, give us a call. Let the S & K Spray Team show you how kitchen cabinet refinishing and exterior painting can get things looking brand new at a fraction of the cost.  

Kevic Cox

Breathe new life into what you already have


Repainting kitchen cabinets is only one of our services. Our exterior house painters know exactly what’s required to give your home instant curb appeal. Our excellent home painting services and renowned customer service make us the right choice.

Whether you require Interior painters, kitchen cabinet resurfacing, or transforming your home with some spectacular exterior painting, S & K Spray is up for the task.

Take advantage of our free estimate.

We specialize in a wide range or refinishing services including
(but not limited to):

• Kitchen Cabinets
• Bathroom Vanities
• Furniture
• Interior Walls
• Trim & Doors
• Decks & Fences
• Exterior Brick, Stucco, Siding
  ...and more
Kitchen Painting


Interior / Exterior Solutions


Whether it's dazzling curb appeal that you're seeking or just a cost effective way to refresh your surroundings, we can handle it. Our team is thoughtful, capable and professional. S & K Spray can give you a whole new look to enjoy for years to come. We can also help to polish up your home for sale at a fraction of the cost of a renovation.

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S & K Spray - Project Stories

Each customer has their own experience. Not just a series of before and afters, but all the details in between. We pride ourselves on not only incredible customer service and value, but an enjoyable experience watching your vision come to life.

Let's write a story about you taking the initiative to change your home.

Local Professionals you can trust


Interior and exterior paint spray finishing

111 Wakefield Rd.

Milton, Ontario

L9T 2L7

(647) 998-4263

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